How we are. How we live. How we work.

Internally and with others.

We are service providers. Because we want to.

Our clients and their goals are the starting point and the reason of our entrepreneurial existence. Yes, we are experts, we are among the best in what we do. We are proud of that. But we have decided to be service providers.

We are self-assured. We perform our tasks with the understanding that we act as a partner on an equal footing. But we never forget that we ourselves neither launch nor realize any construction projects of our own. Without the projects of our clients, without their visions, their courage, their personal and financial investment and willingness to take risks, SMV would not exist.


We are partners. Because we want to.

We are here on our own accord. Every one of us. We have deliberately chosen to be part of a team, part of SMV. Every one of us. That makes us partners, both in our internal and our external relationships.

We give and take, grant and enjoy partnership. Upright and resolute. We know: the only way to have a good partner is to be one yourself.


We are smv. Because we want to.

We are upright. We are fearless. We are smart. We are empathetic.


means eye-to-eye. Honest. Loyal. Proud.

Our clients expect an excellent and fully coordinated service delivery. Their goals are our goals. At all times.

We treat each other with openness, honesty, respect and fairness.

Internal conflicts are solely discussed among those concerned. Only if they really see no chance of an agreement will the project manager be called in.

Every member of the team respects personal reliability, directness and clarity as the foundation and pillar of our joint success.

We respect and appreciate the contribution by every individual.

Mistakes do happen – our response is as it should be:
(1) We report them immediately.
(2) We correct them.
(3) We prevent them from happening again.


means entrepreneurial. Independent. Adamant in the task.

Every team member is personally responsible for his or her respective actions and conduct.

Creativity, commitment and expertise give us self-confidence and poise.

We know our arguments and trust them. There are always alternatives, but there is only one decision.

That decision is prepared professionally: we define the terms of reference, collect possible solutions, evaluate the alternatives, and make recommendations.


means prepared and informed. No prodigy but a professional.

We never stop learning. We are curious and keep ourselves up to date.

We know what we are talking about. Or we keep our mouth shut. Until we know. Tomorrow, maybe.

We plan our tasks ahead and complete them proactively and in time. The smart thing is the plan of the planning.

We don’t forget important information and share it with the team.

Results and decisions relevant to the project and the contract are prepared in writing, presented personally and documented in minutes.

Complex tasks are presented with the best conceivable solution for further consultations.

The project managers involved always attend the key meetings.


means constructively emotional. Winning, not defeating.

We are all humans – clients and colleagues alike. We all have brains that are divided into left and right halves. Every rational decision also has its emotional aspects.

We want to make others happy and be happy ourselves. Yes, also in our job. And no, we don’t think that’s unprofessional.

We want to enthuse, exceed expectations, fulfil hopes, remove anxieties.

We are constructive and never step on someone’s toes without a reason. We support the project manager who leads and guides the team of planners and designers.

In difficult phases of a project, every employee can count on the backing by the project managers and the managing directors.

Every team member contributes ideas of how to make things better, collects feedback from the group and follows up on the idea.

The team ensures a balanced distribution of the workload among its members; in case of conflicts within a project, the team members jointly try to find a solution.

We respect every team member’s life outside the project and the office and strive to prevent unnecessary strains.

Office doors are no firewalls. We talk with one another. Personally. In case of emails, we limit the distribution list.

We deal with one another in a way that is friendly, factual and results-focused.

We cannot love every Monday morning – but we do not want to hate every one of them, either.