Project management

Berlin central station, north-south connection

ProjectNew construction of station building incl. office buildings and shopping centre
Project locationBerlin
Services SMVProject management
ClientDB ProjektBau GmbH
Architectsvon Gerkan, Marg and Partner
Construction costs> EUR 1 billion
Realisation period2002-2006 (Services SMV until 2010)
Contact person SMVThomas Lewicz
Project description

The traffic concept for Berlin planned by DB Verkehrsbau GmbH also included the north-south railway crossing of the city, which runs partly underground. The new central station was to be built at the intersection of this north-south crossing and the existing east-west crossing. This central traffic junction combines the tram, railway, underground and suburban railway traffic. The realization of the construction project included extensive foundation engineering work, the construction of the station building and the construction of the adjacent office buildings.

Role SMV

SMV as project consortium Codema-SMV (PCS) was assigned by the DB Verkehrsbau GmbH with the project management for the completion of the construction project Central Station (former Lehrter Station), North-South Link, Lot 1. For the construction of the so-called bracket structures, the interfaces had to be coordinated. Interfaces to neighbouring projects of the Lehrter Stadtquartier were also to be included in the coordination.

In this context, all areas of activity were covered over project stages 3-5 in accordance with the performance profile for project management services in the construction and real estate industry.

These were the following areas of action

A) Organisation, information, coordination and documentation,
B) Qualities and quantities,
C) Costs and financing,
D) Dates, capacities and logistics
E) Contracts and insurance

and the project stages

3. preparation of implementation (implementation planning, preparation of the award of contracts and participation in the award of contracts),
4. implementation (project monitoring),
5. project completion (project supervision, documentation).

In connection with the provision of services, the special requirements listed below had to be met with regard to schedule and cost controlling and the EDP concept.

Schedule controlling:

  • Preparation of schedules using network planning technology, taking into account interfaces for data exchange with GRANID or MS-Access
  • Cost Controlling
  • Creation and updating of cash flow plans in cooperation with schedule and cost control,
  • Checking of cost estimates of the object and specialist planners for plausibility and compliance with the structure and financial rules during the approval process,
  • Processing of financing, fund application and funding procedures,
    • Processing of offer, order, supplement and invoice data in GRANID for transfer to RKP and PBT.
Customer benefits

SMV, as the project consortium PCS, together with the project management of DB AG, secured the opening date of the station for the Football World Cup 2006 ahead of schedule and within the given budget. To this end, the complex construction work had to be scheduled up to one year in advance to the exact day in order to be able to include line closures in the long-distance traffic schedule.