Project management

Industrial park city of Arneburg

ProjectInfrastructure measures for the construction of an industrial estate
Project locationArneburg
Services SMVProject management
ClientStadt Arneburg, Landkreis Stendal
Construction costsapprox. EUR 39.5 million
Realisation period2002-2007
Contact person SMVChristian Wernicke
Project description

Infrastructural measures had to be initiated for the development and infrastructural connection of the site of the Altmark industrial and commercial park. These measures included road transport connections with drinking water supply and rainwater treatment, rail transport connections, construction of a new river port, production of natural gas supply, high- and medium-voltage power supply system, etc. Of essential importance was the coordination of the measures required in each case according to the requirements of the City of Arneburg and Zellstoff Stendal GmbH.

Role SMV

Within a joint venture, SMV was entrusted with the project management services of the project management and the project control during the preparation and execution of the infrastructure measures.

In the course of the performance of the project management tasks SMV had to provide the following basic services:

  • Timely preparation and taking of the necessary decisions regarding function, construction, standard and design as well as quality, costs and deadlines,
  • Enforcement of the necessary measures and execution of the contracts while respecting the rights and obligations of the client,
  • Obtaining the necessary authorisations, consents and permissions with a view to the readiness for authorisation,
  • Conflict management to orient the different interests of the project participants towards uniform project goals in terms of quality, costs and deadlines,
  • Management of project meetings at executive and board level to prepare, initiate and enforce decisions,
  • Conducting all negotiations with project-related, contractual or public law binding effect for the client,
  • Performing the central project contact point, ensuring that the catalogue of decisions and measures is processed.
Customer benefits

The unconditional adherence to the schedule and cost plan was of essential importance for the client. A further, significant aspect for the client during the execution of the work was the coordinated coordination and consultation between the City of Arneburg and Zellstoff Stendal GmbH.

The client was fully satisfied with his interests during the years of service provision by SMV.