Construction management

High-rises Charlottenstr.

ProjectConversion and renovation of high-rise buildings Charlottenstraße 4
Project locationBerlin
Services SMVProject control services and construction management
ClientWIGGUM S.à.r.l. vertreten durch J.P. Morgan
ArchitectsThomas Hillig Architekten
Construction costsconfidential
Realisation period2015 - 2016
Contact person SMVPhilipp Heydel
Project description

Conversion of the GSW high-rise buildings at Charlottenstr. 4 in Berlin Kreuzberg. The building complex consists of a plinth building, a tower and a high-rise slab in front of it. The object of the conversion is the tower building and the slab. The buildings are to be technically brought into a contemporary condition and updated to meet the needs of a single-tenant.

Project goals

The observance of the qualities and deadlines agreed with the tenant.

Role SMV

SMV was commissioned by WIGGUM S.à.r.l. with partial services of project management over all areas of action and project stages according to AHO as well as construction management services. Essentially, SMV acts as staff unit for the project management of the client.

Customer benefits
  • Compliance with the specified construction cost budget
  • Supplementing the capacities of the AG
  • Effective cooperation of all project participants by active
  • Strategic project management on the part of SMV