He has two elder brothers. Presumably that teaches you to assert yourself, to fight for your place and defend it. It makes you strong. But it also teaches you team spirit because you know that someone will be standing behind you when push comes to shove. And that you are expected to return the favour. Well, loyalty, right?

— Jeanette Baranowsky about Arnd Wittchen

Arnd Wittchen

Resolute. When he starts something, he expects an outcome – no half-baked schemes for him. That’s why he doesn’t like it that architects are sometimes awarded prizes for designs that are impossible to build. That’s why he doesn’t simply play a little basketball now and then but was made captain, although he is the smallest in the team. That’s why he doesn’t simply ride a racing bike but takes part in the historic Paris-Roubaix bicycle road race, the 150 km long version of the “Queen of the Classics”. A route that is also called “The Hell of the North” and that not only because of its dreaded cobblestone sections. This is where, after a severe fall resulting in broken collarbone and ribs, Arnd Wittchen gets again on his racer, faces up to his initial tenseness and then goes through with it, at full speed and with an inner feeling of exultation. Boom! (He wouldn’t express it like that, for that he is much too serene, but you feel it when he talks about it). Honesty, fairness and a sense of responsibility are important to him. And respect for the matter at hand – no fear but respect; that’s the right spirit, not only on cobblestones.

Training as a draughtsman in Wuppertal

Studied architecture at the Technical University of Hannover

8 years of experience as project manager in renowned German project management offices

2008 Entry as project manager with power of attorney at SMV Bauprojektsteuerung Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Since 2012 office management of SMV Bauprojektsteuerungsgesellschaft mbH Hamburg

Since 2017 Managing Director SMV Bauprojektsteuerungsgesellschaft mbh Hamburg

Since 2005 teaching position at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW-Berlin), study course Construction Real Estate Management in cooperation with Metropolia University of Applied Science, Helsinki

Since 2003 Member of the Board of Directors of ICPMA (International Construction Project Management Association)

2015-2017 President of the ICPMA

Since 2017 Past President of the ICPMA

Since 2015 Member of the Council of Principles of the the better way Initiative/ICPMA (currently Chair)