He doesn’t promise, he delivers. He doesn’t believe, he knows. He is all about facts and figures, nothing else. Some may consider me to be sedate – but compared with him, I am an Italian ice-cream vendor. On the tourist promenade. In Rimini.

— Philipp Heydel about Henning Haack

Henning Haack

Sedate. If someone says stuff like “I was born on the Baltic Sea” you would expect the next sentence to be something like “Already as a child, I had this yearning for the worlds beyond the horizon”, “The bleak wind and the salty air have shaped me” or “The vast ocean has taught me humbleness”. Henning Haack says instead: “Because mother happened to be there”. Period. End of story. He grew up in East Berlin, was seven when Germany was reunited. First side jobs at fourteen while still at school. On construction sites, in a hotel kitchen, in the zoo. No, no, not with the animals but at the snack bar; so no stories about meeting lions and penguins, either. He has always liked to work, and he worked a lot; always going that extra mile, always staying on a little longer than the others. He is simply really good at his job, but hey, no big deal, no need to talk about it. What makes him proud is the Taunusturm ensemble in Frankfurt, what makes him happy is his home in Offenbach. Did we see a little smile just now? Well, sort of.

Study of civil engineering at the Technical University of Berlin

2010 Entry as project manager at SMV Bauprojektsteuerung Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Since 2017 Managing Director of SMV Bauprojektsteuerung Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH Frankfurt am Main

OmniTurm, Frankfurt am Main, since 2016

Mainzero, Frankfurt am Main (Deutsche Bank Campus Nord & South), 2014 to 2017

TaunusTurm, Frankfurt am Main, 2011 bis 2015

Construction operational statements, preparation of client and investor schedules in early project phases

Technical Due Diligence and construction controlling services