Nice words and a smile often help you along. With her, that is not enough, with her you have to deliver–or you’ll be in trouble. She demands, as consistently as inconveniently, and with that makes everything and everyone better. Including me, even though it hurts sometimes.

— Christian Wernicke about Jeanette Baranowsky

Jeanette Baranowsky

Precise. As a child, she rode her bicycle through the pouring rain to the river Havel in order to watch “the aliens”. That’s how she called the rowers, who to her appeared like beings that were not from this world. She was fascinated by their synchronicity, their perfect interaction, precise like a clockwork. That she herself could some day become one of these wonderful beings was a thing she never imagined. At 30, the sight of rowers elegantly cutting through the waters of the lake Griebnitzsee still had not lost its fascination. Not much later, Jeanette Baranowsky was strokeswoman of a rowing team in Munich. At 7 a.m. in the morning, she now herself felt the power of precision, of the team acting in perfect harmony. And she always had to fight the impulse to look back to enjoy the view of this human clockwork because she new that this would disrupt the rhythm and reduce the performance. Apart from perfectly attuned systems–starting in childhood with a giant transparent toy clock with colourful gears–she loves pens, in fact everything associated with writing. And she is an architect. Everything fits damn well together, with Jeanette Baranowsky.

Architekturstudium an der Fachhochschule Erfurt und der Architectural Association, London

12jährige Tätigkeit als Architektin in Planungsbüros und freischaffend

2007 Einstieg als Projektmanagerin bei der SMV Bauprojektsteuerung Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Seit 2012 Büroleitung der SMV Bauprojektsteuerung Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH München

Seit 2017 Geschäftsführerin der SMV Bauprojektsteuerung Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH München

Mitglied der Bayerischen Architektenkammer