No, he is definitely not one to jump on every bandwagon. And there are some who think that he is prim, aloof – a typical North German, but it is exactly this mature distance that makes him so strong. Just don’t take it personally.

-Thomas Lewicz about Philipp Heydel

Philipp Heydel

Upright. A textbook example of an architect, and the epitome of that special blend of serenity, reserve, understatement and decency that Germans know and appreciate as hanseatic. Composure, substance, and reliability are important to him. He appreciates and respects professional work, demands it from his partners as much as from himself. Philipp Heydel keeps teams and projects on track, calmly and with aplomb, with clear and succinct communication. He considers the team-building romantic of night shifts with pizza to be overrated – most of their results, too. And while we are talking about food: for him, it does not have to be filet, let alone Wagyu, an honest rib eye steak is more to his style.

Architekturstudium an der Technischen Universität Hannover und der ETH Zürich

25jährige Tätigkeit als Architekt und Geschäftsführer in Planungsbüros

2008 Einstieg als Projektmanager bei der SMV Bauprojektsteuerung Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Seit 2009 Büroleiter

Seit 2012 Prokurist

Seit 2013 Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Mitglied der Architektenkammer Berlin

Mitglied BDA Berlin