Anyone who has to cope with two highly gifted kids at home makes it a habit of knowing exactly what he is saying. That automatically makes you a smart-aleck. And that’s quite alright. 

— Christian Wernicke about Thomas Lewicz

Thomas Lewicz

Smart. He certainly doesn’t appear old and wise, but fact is: with more than 26 years in the company he is the longest-serving partner and he has an answer for everything. He is bursting with energy and a zest for life. Sports, electric guitar and his smart and confident children keep him awake and challenge him. That is exactly what he loves. He’s not interested in being set for life, he says. And not in resting, either. He wants to think, he wants to read, he wants to write. His father was a sexton. At some point he got retired. He went home. And returned shortly afterwards as a volunteer. He still does the job today. Thomas Lewicz feels as comfortable in workman’s boots on the construction site as he does at his desk in front of the computer. The screen is becoming increasingly important, in design and planning as much as in the construction process. It’s good that he can use his practical experience as much as his specialist knowledge here.

Studied civil engineering at the Technical University of Berlin

Six years of work in a medium-sized construction company

1992 Entry as project manager at SMV Projektsteuerung Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Since 1996 single procuration and member of the management of SMV

Since 2007 Managing Partner

Member of the Baukammer Berlin

Member of the expert commission for sustainability certification of the AHO

Member of gif Gesellschaft für Immobilienwirtschaftliche Forschung e.V.